By National Business Agent: “Chuck Locke


Just paying dues to your Union is not enough anymore. You need to take action. The Clerk Craft is under attack and management is attempting to eliminate Clerk Craft jobs and reduce staffing. Your Union needs help. Not everyone needs to be a shop steward but you do need to be the eyes and ears for the Union. When you see violations, write a statement. When you see management doing our Clerk Craft work, ask them to stop. If you know someone is retiring, let your Union President know so the Union can ensure the job gets filled and doesn’t just disappear. If you have carriers performing Clerk Craft work in your office, let the Union know. The job you save might be your own.

If you have not attended one of your local union meetings, I encourage you to attend a Union meeting this year. Come meet your representatives and learn what is going on first hand.

The Union has filed numerous successful grievances when management attempted to revert full-time jobs. This opened the door for many of our PSEs to be converted to career status. The Union has been successful in getting numerous new full-time bids posted in many levels 18 offices as well. The Union has also been successful in winning hundreds of thousands of dollars for management having carriers performing clerk work and having injured carriers returned to their craft. “These are the battles we need to be fighting”

Protecting our Clerk Craft work is everyone’s responsibility. So, the question is, “are you in or are you out”? If you chose to be out, don’t complain when you are excessed out of your bid or facility or when your leave is denied because of the needs of the service. Remember your needs are just as important as the needs of the service but are you willing to fight for them? You should be treated with dignity and respect by management at all times. Asking you to do twice the amount of work or miss your child’s birthday party because they are short staffed it not treating you with respect.

Management is cracking down on attendance in another attempt to eliminate clerk craft jobs. If you or one of your family members has a condition that qualifies under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), make sure you get it certified by your doctor. You can not be disciplined for utilizing time off for absences covered by FMLA. Watch your call ins and lates. Management is just looking for a reason to fire you. Don’t be their next target.

The California Postal Legislative Coalitions meeting in Sacramento was well attended. This is the only coalition in the country that is made up of all the postal organizations from both labor and management. Their goal is to fight legislation that would have a negative impact on postal employees and the post office. This is the arena that we have the most to loss as postal employees. Congress can change our health plans and retirement systems with a simple vote. So, the next time the Union asks you to make a call to your congressional representative on an issue affecting the post office, please make the call.