Joining the APWU if you work for the USPS – Form 1187


If you are an existing postal worker in the CLERK, MOTOR VEHICLE or MAINTENANCE craft and you wish to join the APWU, complete Form 1187 - Authorization for Deduction of Dues:

Dues will be deducted bi-weekly

  • Career: $30.74
  • PSE: $19.37

If you belong to the APWU San Jose Area Local 73, mail your completed form to the address below to receive your (New-Member) APWU APRON. If you are a female employee, please let us know if you want a Men's Denim Apron or Ladies' Denim Smock.

Mail the completed form to:

APWU San Jose Area Local 73
Attn: Online Form 1187

PO BOX 612125
SAN JOSE, CA 95161-2125


Email to:

If you send your Form 1187 via e-mail, it is not necessary to mail in the original.

(Poncho type)