The APWU is a Solidarity Union

The APWU is a “Solidarity” union. That means we step up and support our union family when they’re striking to win better contracts, fighting for healthy and safe workplaces, or taking action to ensure workers can enjoy a dignified retirement. When workers stand up and fight together, our movement grows stronger. And, in this time of heightened labor militancy, APWU members are answering the call.

We are proud of the support our members have shown for the UAW “Stand Up Strike” at the Big Three automakers (Ford, GM, Stellantis).

These workers went on strike after years of concessions and to win their fair share of the Big Three’s $250 billion in profits in the last 10 years. They struck to restore lost COLAs, remove divisive two-tier pay and benefit scales, ensure good retirement benefits for all auto workers, and a shorter work week with no loss in pay, which are bold and just demands. 

Many APWU members joined UAW rallies, picket lines, and signed petitions, understanding that “an injury to one is an injury to all,” and that when workers rise anywhere, we all rise together.

More than 40,000 autoworkers joined the Stand Up Stike. By October 30, after more than six weeks of rolling walkouts, all three companies had reached tentative agreements with the workers’ union. UAW members will now vote on whether to approve the proposed contracts.

Hotel and casino workers, health care workers, steelworkers, and more are on strike across the country. Actors and other members of SAG-AFTRA have now been on strike for over 100 days, fighting to win fair compensation and job security as the streaming services and artificial intelligence revolutionize their industry.


As a solidarity union, APWU urges every postal worker to support these critical struggles. In the coming days and weeks, there will be many ways that you can express your solidarity.

APWU delegates to the UNI Global Union World Congress joined SEIU 32BJ members at a contract rally in Philadelphia as they fought for better pay and health and safety.

  • Find information on how to join a SAG-AFTRA picket at
  • Ask your State Federation or Central Labor Council for more information about strikes and other actions near you.

When we stand together in full solidarity with our union family to win strong contracts, we are standing for these victories for all working-class people.