Dealing with COVID-19 By: NBA Chuck Locke

By: National Business Agent “Chuck Locke”

Dealing with COVID-19

We are facing a pandemic like we have never experienced in our lifetime. As things start opening back up, we are seeing huge jumps in COVID-19 cases. Please follow the recommendations from the CDC to keep you and your family safe. We all need to follow safe practices at work as well as at home. I know we all wish this pandemic would be over soon but that is not going to happen. We all need to stay diligent to stop the spread of this virus. If there are safety issues in your office pertaining to COVID-19, don’t ignore it. You deserve a safe working environment and management is responsible for provided you with one. You should have masks, gloves and hand sanitizer available to you at work. You have the right to wash your hands as needed. If a customer comes to the window without a mask, ask them if they have one to put on. You have a right to 6-foot social distancing at work. Even if everyone has masks on, it doesn’t eliminate the requirement to maintain 6-foot social distancing. Don’t let management put you and your family at risk. Tell management that you’re not going to risk your health to work in an area where the proper social distancing rules are not being followed. We need to be filling out PS 1767 safety violation forms to report these violations. Our members are very loyal to our customers and are reporting to work day after day despite COVID-19. Thank you for your hard work, long hours and dedication. You are appreciated and absolutely essential to the country and to the APWU.


As some of you already know, Louis DeJoy has been sworn in as the new Postmaster General. So, who is he? Dejoy has contributed more than $2 million to the Trump campaign and was in charge of fundraising for the Republican National Convention in Charlotte.  If that’s not bad enough, postal employees should be even more alarmed at his 35 years in labor analytics. The art of eliminating as many jobs as possible. Dejoy doesn’t come from within the Postal Service. In fact, his company was a contractor for the USPS for more than 25 years potentially putting DeJoy in the position to oversee decisions that affect his personal financial interest. We have been in a struggle to save the Postal Service during Trumps presidential administration that has been openly hostile to the Postal Service and postal employees. At a recent news conference, Trump called us useless. This is during a pandemic in which we have continued to report to work and have bound this Country together. Dejoy is bad for labor and operates with anti-union animus. It’s time to fight back to save the Postal Service for the American public and our jobs for our families. We can’t just sit on the sidelines anymore and hope all will be O.K. or handled by the Union.


The Postal Service has reported that they could run out of money as early as this fall. The Postal Service has projected huge losses in mail volumes during this pandemic. They need immediate financial relief from Congress. Our jobs are at risk. We need to call our Congressional representatives today and ask them to support stimulus legislation that includes financial relief to the Postal Service. It is a matter of when not if the Postal Service will run out of money. Your Senators need to hear from you!


Even though we are in the middle of a National pandemic, it doesn’t grant management the right to do clerk work in offices where they are not allowed to preform clerk work or work more hours than they are allowed in offices where the CBA allows them to preform limited clerk work. Nor does it allow carries to preform clerk work in your office. If either of these are occurring, standup for your rights and call the Union to file a grievance. The parties at the National level have agreed to two new categories of temporary employees called Function 1 Mail Processing Assistants and Function 4 Clerk Assistants. They are hired to help installations that are experiencing high absenteeism because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the liberal leave policy. Available APWU bargaining unit employees, starting with career employees and including current PSE’s, within the installation will be utilized up to the maximum hours allowed each week.

Elections Have Consequences  

Vote Postal in 2020 and send those who don’t support the Postal Service and your job HOME!!!!!

In Solidarity, Chuck Locke