Stand Up for Safe Jobs This Workers Memorial Day

The number one priority of all levels of the APWU leadership during the current coronavirus crisis has been the health and safety of postal workers, our families, and that of the postal public. As part of our work to keep postal workers healthy and safe, we are encouraging all members to continue to Stand Up for Safe Jobs and Protect Our Rights for a safe workplace during this year’s Workers Memorial Day.

As we continue our essential work, the use of gloves and face coverings to protect ourselves and the public from COVID-19 transmission is paramount. As part of this year’s Workers Memorial Day materials, we are sending all locals Stand Up for Safe Jobs wristbands and Protect Our Rights stickers. We also encourage members to post safety information regarding safe usage and removal of gloves and general information about Workers Memorial Day on bulletin boards. These materials are available below.

If you would like to individually order a pack of five stickers and five wristbands, you can do so free of charge on the APWU Store. Local unions in need of more materials should email with their requests.

Workers Memorial Day is observed around the anniversary of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970, which enshrined workers’ right to a safe job. It is a day observed throughout the labor movement to remember workers who were killed or injured on the job and to ensure workers go home in the same condition they came to work.

As we Stand Up for Safe Jobs this Workers Memorial Day, we ask members to:

  • Hold local management accountable to follow the coronavirus MOUs, Management Directives, and Stand Up Talks.
  • Continue to demand all necessary personal protective equipment, including masks, and all social distancing procedures.
  • Take pictures with Protect Our Rights stickers, Stand Up for Safe Jobs wristbands, and personal protective equipment (keep social distancing in mind for images). Contact your local for materials or order online.
  • Post safety handouts on bulletin boards, in bathrooms, and other well trafficked areas. Send pictures of members and bulletin boards to

If taken by phone, please send images at their “original” file size. Solo pictures or photos of a few people staggered are encouraged to promote social distancing.