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Iowa Post Office Issued $44,000 Fine for OSHA Violations | APWU

Workers Exposed to Electrical, Chemical Hazards

Web News Article #: 161-201608/04/2016 – On July 29, a post office located in Osceola, IA, was issued a fine of $44,000 for four serious and one repeated safety violations.

The fines follow a complaint made in February alleging safety concerns at the facility. According to the investigation, the Postal Service:

  • Exposed workers to electrical hazards by using a power strip improperly and creating a potential fire hazard.
  • Allowed the use of damaged extension cords, exposing workers to electrical shock.
  • Failed to train workers about using chemicals to maintain floors believed to contain asbestos, and how their use could create a respiratory hazard.
  • Did not adequately assess the workplace to determine the need for personal protective equipment for custodial staff who were exposed to various chemical products contained in floor maintenance and cleaning products.

“Our investigation found the U.S. Postal Service in Osceola exposing workers to electrical hazards, including damaged electrical cords, and failed to adequately train them about hazardous use of floor-cleaning chemicals. Every employer, small or large, is responsible for ensuring safe working conditions for its employees,” said Larry Davidson, OSHA’s Des Moines area director.

Source: Iowa Post Office Issued $44,000 Fine for OSHA Violations | APWU