San Jose Area Local 73

New Retail Directive to District Managers and Postmasters

March 26, 2020 Share this article This pdf includes additional directives to district managers and postmasters.  Specifically dealing with retail units. It addresses social distancing, dealing with the hazmat question, increased cleaning frequencies, AND instructions to place/install  “cough/sneeze” barriers to protect employees.   DISTRICT MANAGERS AND POSTMASTERS As we have seen over the last several weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a drastic impact on the American people. During times of turbulence, however, the critical role

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Statement from President Dimondstein: Postal Workers in a Time of Crisis

Mark Dimondstein March 25, 2020 Since the early days of the Postal Service, we postal workers have helped stitch the fabric of the country together. Even in times of crisis – whether natural disaster, conflict, or economic calamity – the Postal Service has always been there, steadily reaching every American home and business in their time of need. Today is a time of crisis unlike any we’ve seen in generations. A global pandemic threatens the

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