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Interest Arbitration: APWU Presents Final Witness Testimony With Clerk and Custodial Evidence

Today at Interest Arbitration, APWU presented evidence from the Clerk and Maintenance Craft Divisions. In the morning session, Clerk Craft Director Lamont Brooks addressed USPS management’s attacks on union postal clerks’ work and our demand for better staffing in the Clerk Craft. He raised our objections to Postmasters doing bargaining unit work in Level 18 offices. He outlined how management is has continuously skirted the 2010 global settlement, which limited Level 18 office postmasters to

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Interest Arbitration: APWU rebuts management’s economics and MVS proposals

Today at Interest Arbitration, the APWU rebutted some of management’s economic arguments, including their controversial claim that postal workers are overpaid for the skills they employ. We also responded to management’s regressive proposals for Motor Vehicle Service. Dr. Robert Pollin APWU’s witness in the morning was Dr. Robert Pollin, Department of Economics and Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Dr. Pollin presented his paper on Wage Rates, Employment Conditions and Living Standards for

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